The Constant Spring Hanger Supports are principally used to support pipes & ancillary equipments subjected to vertical movement due to the thermal expansion at locations where transfer of stress to other supports or equipment can be critical. Techno Industry incorporates the latest design concepts, in order to manufacture the Constant Spring Hanger Supports according to the needs of modern industry. According to MSS, the maximum recommended variation from the operating load for variable spring hangers is 25 %. Constant Spring Hanger Supports are use when this variation exceeds 25%. 

The working of Constant Spring Hanger Support is based on a simple mechanical principle, which is given below: 

To produce a constant supporting effect the load moment about the main pivot must be counter- balanced by an equal spring moment throughout the travel range.

Referring to the diagram, take three positions of the load travel- Top, Middle, Bottom, and then equate the moments of these points about the main pivot.

                                                   The equations are given below:

                                                            F1A1   =   PB1

                                                            F2A2   =   PB2

                                                            F3A3   =   PB3

                                                            = = =  P

                                                               B1          B2           B3

The constant resistance to a given load is achieved by combining a spring coil with a bell crank lever, which rotates about a main pivot point. The bell crank lever is designed such that the distances from the main pivot change to compensate for the variable resistance during compression of the coil. Standard tolerances provides for the constant load through the travel range is 6%, according to the MSS.

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